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Mindfulness Exercises

Over the past 25 years there has been extensive research into the benefits of living a more mindful life.  What is mindfulness exactly?  It is a state of active, open attention on the present.  If this sounds pretty simple then, well, it is, but it also has very important implications for our mental health.  It comes down to this – a wandering mind is not a happy mind.  In fact, the more we ruminate on the past or worry about the future the higher levels of stress and anxiety we end up feeling.  And the addition of multiple distractions in our lives (computers, cell phones, television, etc…) only makes this worse as we are more and more disconnected from the world immediately surrounding us.  However, the benefits of mindfulness don’t end with reduced stress and anxiety.  Practicing mindfulness also has the potential to address problems with impulsivity and focus, which are the core issues of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  This is exactly why we are incorporating this approach into our work here at The Kahane Center.  Below is a link to some easy mindfulness exercises.  Why not give them a try and see what kind of difference they make?


Dr. Blake Kirschner