Dear Dr. Kahane and Dr. Greenfield,
I just want to thank you both so much for all your work with my 10 year old grandson.
After a recent group and individual session, I took him for a walk and asked him, “Do you like your therapists?” He replied. “Yes, I do. They are sooooooo kind and they really care about me. They are passionate about what they do and they are very good listeners. If I knew someone with a kid like me, I would highly recommend them.”
This heartfelt, introspective, adorable and sincere response from a child is indicative of the beautiful relationship you have both created with him.
Thank you so much

– Grandmother of a 10 year old boy

Every morning when my husband would take my son to school he would drop him off and watch him walk into school with his head down and shoulders stopped looking as if he’s going into a jail. My son was so unhappy in school. Kids use to pick on him, he had no friends, his school experience was miserable. It was heartbreaking to watch it. Since he started seeing Dr. Kahane, just a few months ago, he goes to school happy, he tells me that he has friends and kids ask him to play with them during recess. It is a miracle.
– Shani Ashkenazy, mother of a 13 year old boy

Dear Dr. Kahane, Thank you so much for an incredible morning of learning. The teachers were actively engaged in your entire presentation and could not get enough. They were thirsting for more information and insight into how they can better support the children in their classrooms. I look forward to continuing to work together in helping children in our community succeed.
Shani Skydell
Director, Early Childhood Division
201-986-0078 | [email protected]

“Our 7-year-old son has been seeing Dr. Kahane for about 18 months. She has amazing insight into why children behave in certain ways. Her analysis and recommendations are often contrary to natural parental instincts, but always spot-on. One of the qualities I admire most is her strong focus on the future—she always emphasizes the approach that will be most effective in the long run. The reception area conversation among parents is often about how Dr. Kahane accomplishes in one session what most therapists only hope to accomplish in 10 sessions. It’s been a true joy for us to watch our son grow and succeed with her guidance. If only we all had a little bit of Dr. Kahane’s brilliant instincts! We feel very lucky to have met Dr. Kahane.”
– Deborah, Bergen County, NJ

“We’ve been fortunate that Dr. Kahane has played an instrumental role in our family’s life for the last twelve years. When we moved to New Jersey, our son was only 6 years old, and through a referral, we were able to get him in to see Dr. Kahane. She acted as a safe harbor during our transition to a new area, and really to a new way of life. Because she was so knowledgeable and understanding, she helped our son mature socially and emotionally so that he was finally able, in middle school, to have a wonderful circle of friends. Dr. Kahane continued to stand by our side during his challenging adolescent years, and helped our son continue to thrive by motivating him to get involved in extracurricular activities, assume leadership roles, and become an integral part of his school community. What’s even more, Dr. Kahane supported me and my husband through our own challenging times, dealing with a son with special needs and raising him the best we could. She helped us to create a partnership whereby we could work together, as a couple and as a family. Today, our son has flourished into a mature, happy, and successful college student, largely due to Dr. Kahane’s invaluable support.”
– Parent from Mahwah, NJ

“When I first met Dr. Kahane, I didn’t know how I really felt about going to see her. Over time, I got used to the fact I was going there for a reason. Together with my mother, Dr. Kahane helped me realize that I had nothing to be afraid of. I began opening up to Dr. Kahane about things that were troubling me and she taught me ways that I could overcome those situations. Eventually, I came to trust Dr. Kahane and since then, my life has never been the same.
When I first started coming to Dr. Kahane, I felt like I didn’t know how to behave around people or have normal conversations. I was afraid of change. But the techniques Dr. Kahane has provided me with have helped me become more confident and way less socially awkward. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Now, in my daily life, I use these techniques to my advantage and life is so much easier for me.”

– Tom, 16 years old

“Dear Dr. Kahane –
It was almost 4 years ago that we first brought our son, Michael, to The Kahane Center, and it has been nearly 3 years since he began his weekly dyad with you. His growth over the past four years has been remarkable—because of you, he can now engage in conversation, play with his peers, and express his feelings with words. Thank you, Dr. Kahane, for teaching, helping, and guiding him. Thank you, also, for all the times that you have continued to encourage and support us as parents.”

– Parents in NYC

“Thank you for being a center that is truly dedicated to my whole family!!! The Kahane Center has helped us each through individual crisis as well as our family matters. I’ve always felt supported while receiving excellent and knowledgeable advice–all of my needs met under one roof!!! Thank you for making a difference in my life and for making my family the best it can be here in Bergen county!”
– Parent from Demarest, NJ

“The Kahane Center was a blessing for me and my son. I don’t know where we would be without you and the Kahane Center. You have made a tremendous difference in Our sons life and we would be forever grateful to all of you.”
– Parent

“We’ve beem fortunate to have Dr. Kahane play an instrumental role in our family’s life for the last twelve years. When we moved to New Jersey, our son was only 6 years old, and although he had already made progress through services he received in New York City, we knew those services needed to be continued; however, we were at a loss as to where to begin. We were fortunate to know a psychologist in the city who referred us to Dr. Kahane.”
– Elyse B.

“Dr. Kahane was our safe harbor during our transition to a new area, new school and new acquaintances. Dr. Kahane was extremely knowledgeable and insightful and helped our son mature both socially and emotionally to the point where by middle school he had a wonderful circle of friends.

She also stood by us during the challenging times of adolescence when our son was in high school, and helped our son continue to thrive and be able to get involved in extracurricular activities, assume leadership roles, and become an integral part of his school community. Throughout all of this, Dr. Kahane supported my husband and me through our own challenging times dealing with a son with special needs and created a partnership that enabled us to work together to help our son grow.

Our son is thriving and has matured into a happpy, successful college student, largely due to Dr. Kahane’s valuable support.”
– Parent from Mahwah, NJ

“The Kahane Center was a blessing for me and my son. I don’t know where we would be without you and the Kahane Center. You have made a tremendous difference in Our sons life and we would be forever grateful to all of you.”
– Parent from NYC

We are eternally grateful for the session you gave our faculty on POWER -“executive functioning and beyond.”
We heard you would be outstanding and they were absolutely right. The discussions were informative, thought provoking, meaningful and directly applicable. Your experience, expertise and command of the research were evident in the way you answered questions and addressed issues. I hope we are privileged to work with you again sometime soon.

– Rami Strasberg,
Principal of WTA,
Elementary School Westchester , NY.


POWER was a God-like experience. From day one to day five. I felt at home I made a lot of new friends that I will remember for a long time, and lessons I will remember forever. I exercise a lot, but with the help of Matt and Esther, I learned new ways to exercise. From now until the end of my days, I will remember Prioritize, Organize, Work, Exercise, and Regulate. My greatest thanks to everyone who was here to help. Dr. Kahane, Tamar, Alex, Elle, Becca, and everyone else.
– S.K., 11 year old

POWER was a good learning environment and a judge free zone.
– K.S., 17 year old

I liked learning how to prioritize my work, exercise, become more organized, and regulate my feelings.
– T.L., 13 year old

It made me learn so many things, how to organize, work, exercise, and regulate, all being super fun! It all makes me feel powerful!
– C.K., 9 year old

I liked the exercise day the best because it was fun to learn how to use that to regulate our emotions.
– K.S., 17 year old

I learned many new and wonderful skills. I think POWER is going to help me in my school life and at home too. I made new friends and I wish that POWER was not over so soon. I hope I can come back next year.
– C.A., 11 year old


Our daughter has really embraced the program, techniques, and skills and is trying to use them in her life. I found myself referring to each of the “letters” of the program to help her recall some of the strategies. This week has started a transformation of how her words and actions impact others and this is enormously useful to her overall well-being
– Parent of 15 year old girl

Our son enjoyed being with other kids that had similar difficulties. He also felt empowered by the tools that were taught to him.
– Parent of 16 year old boy

I feel my daughter needed to see other people with similar challenges. She also needed vocabulary to help understand and tools to help her overcome executive functioning deficits.
– Parent of a 12th grade girl

Initially I equated the course with maybe a certain amount of drudgery, but my kids LOVED it. Teachers were very engaging and professional
– Parent of 14 year old and 16 year old boys

Our son was able to clearly articulate what he learned. He got something from each day and I like having a common language to talk with him about these things at home.
– Parent from Haworth, NJ

It was a great week for my son because it has provided him with tools to help him with his struggles. In addition, the parenting tips have been beneficial and we have started to implement them.
– Parent of a 13 year old boy

My kids loved the program!
– Parent from Paramus, NJ

My child absolutely benefitted from the program! She is already noticing a change in herself which is tremendous.
– Parent of 15 year old girl


As a parent and a professional educator, I cannot express enough the impact of The POWER program for children and young adults. Executive functioning skills are essential for children to succeed. The POWER program teaches these skills in a thoughtful, meaningful yet respectful manner enabling participants to not only understand but also apply those skills to their everyday life. The POWER program helped successfully prepare my child for college, where he is living on campus independently, a concept that was unimaginable to us prior to working with The Kahane Center and the POWER program.
-Dr. Philip Nisonoff,
Assist. Supt. of Schools, Emerson Public Schools

The POWER Program created by Dr. Tamar Kahane to aid children and adolescents struggling with learning challenges to develop their executive functioning skills, is one of the most effective and successful programs that I have known. As a former Superintendent of Schools, and a current associate professor of Educational Leadership, Management and Policy at Seton Hall University, I have the unique experience to blend practice with research. More importantly, I am blessed to be a proud father of a POWER Program graduate – my daughter! It was her transformation over the 10 monthly sessions that my wife and I noticed drastic improvements in our daughter’s behavior, school work and social relationship. Ironically, the one functionary skill I was most skeptical of (exercise) became one of our daughter’s greatest tools in strengthening not only her body but her whole self-esteem.

The POWER Program is life changing. We need to do all we can to let parents and children who are facing serious challenges know that there is a program called POWER which can shift a negative mindset to one of hope and optimism.
– Michael D. Kuchar, Ph.D.
Department of Education, Leadership, Management and Policy, Seton Hall University


“Dr. Kahane totally engaged us. She is compassionate about what she was teaching us; her love for ALL children shined through the whole presentation.”
– Shadow

“This session taught me the importance of understanding behaviors before reacting to them.”
– Teacher from NYC

“The training session covered many important issues that could make a very big difference in the students’ learning experiences.”
– Special Education Teacher from NYC

“The training program was excellent. I hope more and more parents find your program.”
– Shadow

“The program was very thought provoking, helpful, and insightful.”
– Teacher from NYC

“I have been to many workshops, but this one spoke directly about what I do on an everyday basis. I enjoyed it and hearing real stories really helped.”
– Shadow

“This training session provided me with specific tools that I will use on a daily basis.”
– Teacher from NYC

“I learned things that can better support me, so I can help out that much more in the classroom.”
– Teacher

“This program was more than what I expected. It not only helped me with our students, but also something personal that I am going through.”
– Teacher

“The program was very informative and I look forward to using the new strategies in the classroom.”
– Teacher

“I was surprised at how much I learned, not only about how to work with children, but how to better myself.”
– Shadow

“I think special education teachers for all grades would benefit from this workshop.”
– Teacher

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