The Kahane Center Mission
The Kahane Center for Developmental and Psychological Well-Being - a multi-disciplinary center whose mission is to help facilitate the emotional and social growth of children, adolescents and adults - was founded 25 years ago by Dr. Tamar Z. Kahane. The Kahane Center is committed to providing evidence-based, innovative, and comprehensive mental health and learning services that integrate all spheres of life through prevention and early intervention. The Kahane Center helps children, adolescents and adults embrace their strengths and learn to overcome underlying emotional, social and learning struggles in order to achieve psychological well-being.

The ability to see ourselves and our relationships as a process of growth that requires ongoing attention and awareness, provides the nurturing environment we need in order to overcome our challenges. It is also important to acknowledge that change can be very difficult. We are committed to providing a warm, nourishing and supportive environment that allows people of all ages to feel safe gaining insight, acknowledging their struggles as well as their strengths, and taking responsibility for changing the things that are not working well in their lives.
- Dr Tamar Z. Kahane
A place to go to grow
We invite you to join us in our mission at The Kahane Center to remove stigma from mental health.