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Welcome to The Kahane Center Blog Page

It is said that parenting is the hardest job one will ever have (with the least formal training). It is also the most meaningful job. Therefore, it is important for parents to feel empowered and supported to be able to deal effectively with all of the challenges that emerge throughout the journey and development of their child.

This blog is aimed to help parents increasingly become more equipped with the understanding as well as the tools and strategies to facilitate their child’s growth and development in all spheres of their life.

One of our main goals at the Kahane Center is to help parents to raise children who are fortified to deal effectively in all spheres of their lives – emotionally, socially, behaviorally, nutritionally and academically. We believe the first step to raising a functional, confident and successful child is to support the child in learning how to tune into themselves and the world around them.

We see the parents’ role as being a facilitator in this process of helping their children learn to understand their own emotions and bodily cues and thereby navigate their way through their world. Ultimately it is through this process of self awareness – the tuning into themselves and becoming effective CEO’s of their own regulation – that children can lead the most healthful and productive lives and succeed to their potential. This blog will highlight different aspects of a child’s path to self-regulation and the parent’s role as facilitator of that process.

Many of the ideas of this blog come out of years of practical, hands-on psychological work with children and their parents. Many have strong theoretical underpinnings. I hope that it will serve as a springboard for discussion and dialogue and ultimately as a way of sharing some of the meaningful work that we are engaged in at The Kahane Center with an even greater audience. Thanks for your involvement.

Dr Tamar Z. Kahane