It is often hard and very stressful for children and adolescents to manage the many academic, social, sports, and other after-school activities. Children are expected to structure themselves and manage their time like never before. The pervasive presence of electronic devices and social media along with the many challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic have only compounded the problem. It has therefore become increasingly important for children to develop their emotional intelligence as well as their executive functioning skills (the ability to prioritize, plan, organize, time manage, etc) as a means of alleviating stress, enhancing their success, and managing their lives and their many responsibilities. At The Kahane Center, we use a unique methodology, the POWERS Program, to help children grow these skills.

The POWERS program was developed by Dr. Tamar Kahane to help students learn to adapt to increasingly challenging times and expectations. This innovative executive functioning and social-emotional learning curriculum has been piloted in schools and studied in collaboration with Columbia University. The methodology and philosophy of POWERS is unique and targets the various aspects of executive functioning and SEL (social-emotional learning) that are crucial for successful performance in school, at home, and beyond. The POWERS (Prioritize, Organize, Work, Exercise, Regulate, and Social Awareness) Program empowers children to better manage themselves.


POWERS Parenting Groups

Participation in POWERS begins with POWERS parenting groups level 1 training. This is a 10-week introduction to the methodology and philosophy of the POWERS program for parents via telehealth led by Dr. Kahane. The parenting groups will teach the language of POWERS that targets specific skills and strategies to empower parents to support their children in growing their executive functioning and social-emotional skills. These groups are available for parents of preschool, elementary, middle, and high school age children. If you have out-of-network benefits, these sessions may be reimbursable.

POWERS Coaching

Individualized, one-on-one POWERS coaching via telehealth for students in elementary school through college. Through private sessions with one of our trained professionals, your child will learn to understand and practice the six core skills of POWERS.

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