featured image showing a sleeping baby whose hand is being held by an adult

Sleep in the First Year of Life: Helping your baby develop healthy sleep hygiene

One of the biggest struggles parents have is getting their baby to sleep through the night and establishing routines that lead to healthy sleep. In the first year of life sleep patterns change so often that it is hard to get into a consistent rhythm or routine. Learning how to be a good sleeper, is like learning any other skill; it takes times and practice. Understanding some basic tenants about babies’ sleep can help parents gain control and nurture healthy sleep habits for their baby.

featured image showing a smiling mother and her newborn baby

On Becoming a Mother

As an expectant mother I have begun to think about the type of parent I want to be and the type of parent I will become. I reflect on the way I was raised; sifting through the techniques my own parents used, keeping the things I liked and rejecting the one’s I don’t want to repeat. I also look for inspiration around me, in my family and friends. I find myself saying, “I’ll never do that” or “What a great idea, I need to remember that one”.